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I’m Helen, owner of the Kind Brave Leader. I am an executive coach, mentor, and trainer specialising in kindness and wellbeing. I empower leaders and professionals to think sharply, feel deeply, and perform at their best, all while fostering an environment of kindness and wellbeing. Let's unlock your potential together and transform your professional space into a haven of support and success.

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Fostering Kind and Brave Leaders

Transforming Higher Education and Workplaces

My Mission

My mission is to cultivate kind and brave leaders capable of driving transformative change in libraries and higher education. I believe that true leadership is rooted in empathy and compassion, creating inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and supported. Through targeted workshops and engaging discussions, I aim to develop emotional intelligence among leaders, encouraging them to actively listen, embrace diverse perspectives, and forge strong, trust-based relationships.

In my coaching sessions, I harness these principles, providing a personalized and impactful experience that equips leaders to harness their innate strengths and lead with confidence and care. Additionally, my book, "The Kind Librarian: Cultivating a Culture of Kindness and Wellbeing in Libraries," extends these concepts into library management, offering readers practical strategies to foster a culture of kindness and wellbeing in their institutions.

In addition to promoting kindness, I emphasise the critical role of bravery in leadership. I challenge leaders to step beyond their comfort zones, embrace vulnerability, and tackle challenges head-on. By equipping them with essential skills and innovative strategies, I empower leaders to make bold decisions, implement compassionate policies, navigate conflicts, and take calculated risks for the collective benefit. I advocate for a culture of resilience, urging leaders to question the status quo, adopt innovative practices, and drive positive change in their fields.

To ensure a lasting impact, I nurture supportive communities of practice. Through robust mentorship programs and dynamic peer-to-peer learning, I facilitate the sharing of knowledge, feedback, and guidance. Seasoned leaders impart their insights, while emerging leaders receive the encouragement and support they need to advance confidently on their paths. This collaborative approach creates a ripple effect, with kind and brave leaders inspiring others to promote positive change. By fostering a culture of kindness, empathy, and courage, we can reshape the future of higher education and workplaces into inclusive, empowering arenas that prioritize the well-being and growth of every individual involved.

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